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Iowa mother saves her 5-year-old from flood waters

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A family of five is lucky to be alive after the Upper Iowa River invades their home during last week's flood.

Miranda McGrath dove into her flooded basement after her five-year-old little girl, who was stuck in her bedroom.

"At four o'clock in the morning we heard Lailyn scream a scream that we've never heard before and when I got to the top of the stairs I could already see the water rising, so I hollered for Josh and I jumped in," said Miranda McGrath, Decorah.

Five-year-old Lailyn and her four-year-old sister had rooms in the home's basement. Both bedrooms were completely flooded by the rising Upper Iowa River.

"By the time I got to her the water was about waist deep and she was floating on her mattress," said Miranda.

Lailyn added, "I was staying on my bed."

Thankfully, four-year-old Tabitha and her nine-year-old brother, Alexander, were safe upstairs, but Lailyn was stuck in her room.

"Mommy got tangled up in the stuff that is on the bed," said Lailyn.

Her mother Miranda added, "Coming out of her bedroom I got tangled up in some sheets and there was the mattress from the other bedroom kind of blocking the doorway, so I just threw Lailyn to daddy and said get her out of here."

Miranda, found herself in the dark flooded basement seconds after saving Lailyn.

"Like she said, the power went out half way through all this, down in the basement, so then we had to try and find our way out through the rushing water and up the stairs and the basement filled up probably in a five minute time span," said Josh McGrath, Miranda's husband. "So by the time we got everybody out of the basement it was already to the top of the stairs. We didn't have any time to get anything we had our clothes on, we didn't even have our shoes, we got in the car and got out of there."

The McGrath family lost everything like many other families in Decorah last week. They have found a replacement rental home and will be moving in soon.

To help the McGrath family and many others visit this Facebook page:

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