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Iowa man feels Oklahoma earthquake

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A 5.6 magnitude earthquake slammed Oklahoma Saturday morning. The earthquake was so strong, people here in Iowa even felt it.

"I swear to God we just had an earthquake," read a text Nick Sullivan sent to his friend at 7:08 a.m. on Saturday. Sullivan says he believed, he experienced an earthquake

"I knew it wasn't a train, or a big truck on the highway, or anything because there was no sound, there was not any change in the perfect silence that was that morning," said Nick Sullivan, Harpers Ferry.

He says while he was sitting on his porch, looking at the Mississippi River in Harpers Ferry, there was no wind and the water was really still.

"All of a sudden I felt something starting to shake a little and I was a little concerned that something was happening with the trailer, but then when I looked out on the water, the water had started to ripple and there were no boats going in and out," said Sullivan.

Sullivan says the first sign that he was experiencing an earthquake was his swinging humming bird feeders.

"I saw our bird feeders starting to swing back and forth and so I thought, this is kind of weird, and I turned around and walked into the trailer and we have one of those lamps that is hanging from a chain and it was swaying back and forth and so I came back out and sat down and it was still moving, it went on for probably ten to fifteen seconds," said Sullivan.

Bill Barnhart, a geology professor at The University of Iowa confirms, what Nick felt was an earthquake.

"The waves started arriving around 7:05 a.m. this morning which is about the same time people started feeling shaking in the region, it would have only taken a few minutes for those waves to reach here from the earthquake epicenter in Oklahoma," said Bill Barnhart, geology professor at The University of Iowa.

The quake was also felt in Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and Arkansas.

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