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Human trafficking investigation leads to second arrest and baby found at fire station

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A second person is arrested in a Waterloo human trafficking investigation. The alleged human trafficking scheme also lead officers to find a baby of one of the victims left at a Waterloo fire station.

24-year-old Sade Deseri Campbell of Waterloo was arrested Wednesday evening after she turned herself into police. 

She's being held on two counts of human trafficking and two counts of using a juvenile to commit an offense. Sade Campbell is also the wife of 35-year-old Lawrence Campbell Jr. who was arrested Tuesday morning on the same charges. 

Campbell is accused of luring two teens from Chicago and forcing them to perform sex acts for money in Waterloo.

The girls are just 16-years-old from Chicago, one is listed as a runaway. The girls told police everything, after one was caught shoplifting from a Waterloo store on Monday.

One of the girls who was lured into this human trafficking scheme also had an 8-month-old baby. She had brought the little baby with her from Chicago to Waterloo.

Firefighters say a baby was dropped off at the Waterloo fire station, on Nevada St, Monday night. 

At the time, they said they didn't know who the baby belonged to.

Waterloo Fire Lieutenant Troy Resor was on shift at the station when two people came with the baby. He says they wouldn't say much, only asking if they could leave the baby there. 

Firefighters took the baby girl. Resor says she was unharmed. 

"Bottle of food, and a clean diaper and everything," said Resor. "You know they obviously had taken care of it."

Resor says the station is a safe haven, which allows anybody to drop off their baby. 

"I'm glad they brought the baby to us," said Resor. "So the baby was safe and that everything can be sorted through, and worked out and have a good outcome."

Firefighters say they had no idea the baby was apart of this human trafficking case until an officer arrived to pick up the little girl.

Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka says there could be more individuals involved in this human trafficking case.

The investigation is still ongoing. Waterloo Police say this case has caught the interest of several FBI agents who are combating human trafficking across the country.

According to the criminal complaint, Campbell met the two online, offering them a "better life" if they came to Waterloo. It states he bought bus tickets for the girls, but when they arrived, he told them they had to engage in sex acts in order to earn money.

Campbell had the girls pose for scandalous photos, which were posted on an internet page that that offered their services, police said. The criminal report states that Campbell “arranged several contacts between men and both (girls) in which they would engage in sex acts with each other and the men in exchange for money."

The girls also told police Campbell allegedly required them to steal clothes to sell for cash.

When police searched his home at 2100 Clearview St., they found the clothes that were used in the online ad, clothes with security tags, and stubs from bus tickets.

The girls and the baby are all safe. 

Campbell and his wife are both being held in the Black Hawk County Jail for a bond of $40,000 each. They are facing two counts of human trafficking and two counts of using a juvenile to commit an offense.

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