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Waterloo officer disciplined after assault

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UPDATE: New video shows an officer verbally and physically assaulting a man in handcuffs.

The officer, a Waterloo Police Officer. The man, Montavis Keller, who is accused of leading police on a high-speed chase through Waterloo and Black Hawk County back in April.

The chase ended when Keller crashed his car into a Waterloo home. Two children were inside at the time of the crash.

The crash causing an electrical fire and gas leak, but thankfully no one was injured.

Keller is charged with attempting to hit a police officer with his car and is also facing drug and weapons charges for items allegedly found in the car.

In the dash cam video, you can see Keller run away from the crash before surrendering as a sheriff deputy pulls his gun.

The deputy along with two other Waterloo Officers hold Keller down and handcuff him.

Then another officer identified as Officer Adam Wittmayer runs up.

You can see Wittmayer yank on Keller's dreadlocks several times while using vulgar language to call Keller names.

Then Officer Adam Wittmayer hits Keller in the head.

"Mother *******, God.  . . . .One in custody. ******* Moron ***** You're a stupid mother ******, you know that? Stupid mother ******," said Wittmayer.

After Wittmayer and the deputy finish searching Keller, they pick him up and head towards the deputy's car.

That is when you can see Wittmayer forcefully shove Keller into the backseat.

"We still don't condone this type of behavior under any circumstances. This behavior is wrong. So we took appropriate action, but I do not feel it warranted termination," said Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka.

The Iowa State General Attorney's Officer agreed. The office reviewed the incident and decided not to charge Wittmayer because of Keller's actions leading up to the arrest.

"When they looked at the totality of the circumstances. . . The suspect nearly hit a school bus. Right after that, Officer Wittmayer was laying down the spike strips and the suspect swerved towards Wittmayer," said Trelka.

 Chief Trelka said Wittmayer is a veteran of the department and this is his first incident like this.

 Chief Trelka also said Wittmayer immediately regretted letting his emotions get the best of him.

 The chief is working to change officer training to prevent incidents like this in the future.


New video shows a Waterloo Officer assaulting a handcuffed man moments after a high-speed chase in April though Waterloo and Black Hawk County that ended with the man crashing a car into a home.

Dash and body cam video from a Black Hawk County Sheriff Deputy shows the Waterloo Officer identified as Adam Wittmayer using foul language to call Montavis Keller names, yanking his dreadlocks, and then hitting him in the head.

Then later, Officer Wittmayer forcefully shoves Keller into the back of the Deputy's car.

Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka says Wittmayer received a "quite significant discipline" for assaulting Keller.

Waterloo also sent the video to the Iowa General Attorney's Office for an outside review. The General Attorney determined that because of the incidents leading up to the assault including video that shows Keller nearly hitting a school bus moments before he allegedly swerved towards Officer Wittmayer who was laying down spikes to stop Keller's car, Wittmayer would not be charged.

Keller is charged with attempting to run Officer Wittmayer over among other things. 

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