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Iowa's Child Cameron waits for you

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Twelve-year old Cameron is one of Iowa's 'Waiting Children,' and he's counting on the love of an Iowa family.

They are Iowa kids, legally free for adoption through the State of Iowa and the Iowa Department of Human Services. To find out more about Cameron and other ‘Waiting Children,' call 1-800-243-0756 or contact:

Cameron pretty much sums it up when he says, “I want a family who will care about me.”  As he begins 6th grade, Cameron is currently in the Iowa Foster Care system, hoping just the right family will step forward to welcome him into their family through Iowa KidsNet.

Established in 2006, Iowa KidsNet is a statewide collaboration of agencies dedicated to creating safe and permanent connections between children and families. This is done through foster care, adoption and reunification with birth families.

Four Oaks is the managing partner of Iowa KidsNet, working under a statewide Recruitment and Retention of Resource Families contract. Iowa KidsNet is the single statewide service provider for Iowans interested in becoming foster parents or legally adopting children from foster care. Iowa KidsNet is contracted by the Iowa Department of Human Services to recruit, train, license and support Iowa's foster and adoptive families.

You should know that Iowa KidsNet is not a child placement agency. Iowa children are placed in foster and adoptive homes by DHS, and DHS makes all final decisions regarding the licensing and approval of foster and adoptive families.

Iowa KidsNet is headquartered at the Four Oaks complex on Kirkwood Blvd. in Cedar Rapids.

Iowa KidsNet is there to help Iowa kids. The Iowa KidsNet project is having a positive impact helping Iowa kids live in a safe environment and reach their full potential. This is a unique partnership of several-non profit Iowa agencies, headed by Four Oaks, to help Iowa children and families.

The Iowa foster care system generally serves more than 11,000 children in any given year. Startling statistics, which emphasize the need to make sure all Iowa kids live in a safe and loving environment.

In addition, Iowa KidsNet gets support from agencies like Youth and Shelter Services, Young House Family Services, Children and Families of Iowa and American Home Finding Association.

The Iowa Department of Human Services awarded Iowa KidsNet a contract to serve as an adoption and foster care recruitment tool, and to create safe, permanent connections between children and families through foster care.

Unfortunately, Iowa currently has more children in foster care than families available to provide them a safe environment while in foster care. The need for foster and adoptive parents in Iowa remains great. In fiscal year 2006, the State of Iowa, through various agencies, served 11,748 children in the Iowa foster care system, On any given day in Iowa, some five-thousand children live in Iowa foster homes. Those are truly amazing statistics.

A few short years ago, the Iowa Department of Human Services embarked on this new initiative regarding foster care and adoptions. Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids is the lead agency in this ongoing effort to recruit and retain resource families who are interested in foster care and adoption of Iowa children. Iowa KidsNet also works with the long-running Iowa's Child Special Needs Adoption program on KWWL-TV. 

Again, to learn more about Iowa KidsNet and becoming a foster or adoptive parent, contact Iowa KidsNet on its toll-free number 1-800-243-0756. If this number sounds familiar, it should. It's the same toll- free phone number which has been used by Kidsake over the past few years. Iowa KidsNet replaced Kidsake in and has been building on the earlier successful efforts of Kidsake under the current new recruitment and retention effort. or Or call:  1-800-243-0756.

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