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A family's home destroyed in flood

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A mother and her three children are homeless after their home is destroyed by recent flooding.

Kyli Byers and her family of five is homeless after the Upper Iowa River destroyed their home in Decorah. The family is left with just the clothes on their backs.

A mother reacts to her destroyed home, "I'm sick to my stomach, honestly," said Kyli Byers, Decorah.

She's sickened by the memories lost in the flood. "They are gone, it's a helpless feeling, you know," said Kyli.

The mother remembers the day her home flooded saying, "I woke my fiance up, I said Matt, we have to get the kids out, we have a lot of water here," said Kyli.

The mother of three says the hardest part for her is explaining to her children why they can't come home.

"They are asking a lot of questions, they are asking why we can't go home?" said Kyli. "They are asking about their baby dolls and why we didn't save them, they are asking about their toys and they just wanna come home."

Kyli says her home is a total loss. The flooding left a layer of mud throughout the home, soiled the childrens' toys and left all items in the house, unsalvageable.

"How do you explain that to your kids? Explain that we're never gonna be able to live here again, we have to move to a different house now, it's just they don't understand," said Kyli.

The water from the Upper Iowa River ran through the corn fields and right through the family's front door. The water strong enough to break apart the road.

The flood leaving the whole family with many questions, especially Kyli's children.

"Mommy, why was there so much water? Why didn't we get out sooner?" said Kyli.

Kyli says she does not want to live in Decorah anymore. She says her and her children are traumatized by the flood and want to move far away from the river.

The good news, the family is not alone in this mess, they have received many donations from others in Decorah and say they are very grateful.

To help the Byers family or other flood victims a Facebook page has been set up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1728259944093073/?ref=nf_target&fref=nf.

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