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Concert at Kinnick viewed as success despite arrests

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Cleanup is underway after weekend concert inside Kinnick Stadium. Cleanup is underway after weekend concert inside Kinnick Stadium.

Cleanup is underway at Kinnick Stadium after it hosted it's first ever concert.

Large items are being taken out by a crane and floors are being swept.

University officials say the concert was a success.

There were a couple of arrest made surrounding the event but the University of Iowa and Iowa City Police Department agree it was no more than would be made during a typical Hawkeye home football game night.

Another first inside Kinnick, beer was sold during the concert.

"I'm sure there were some over-served patrons but by and large you know it was very good," says Mark Jennings, UI Associate Athletic Director.

Overall some arrests did surround the event, one man is accused of impersonating a sheriff's deputy with a loaded gun inside the stadium.

"We don't know how he got in here," says Jennings.

Another man, who was not at the concert is accused of leading police on a high speed chase right outside the stadium, narrowly missing other vehicles and people.

"Eventually he came to this intersection right here and came across stopped traffic so he couldn't, there was no where else for him to go other than turn down that side street," says Ken Stanley, University Heights Police Chief.

The man crashed into a home on Olive Court causing visible damage, no one was hurt.

Police say chasing down the suspect was necessary.

"Anytime somebody steps on the gas to merely let them go because it's inherently dangerous I don't have that philosophy my police department doesn't have that philosophy," says Stanley.

Despite the arrests made, the event is viewed as a success by the University of Iowa.

"I don't think we had any more arrest than we would a normal night football game," says Jennings.

He says he hopes to have another concert and if so there is one thing they would change.

"I don't think we would ever do it a week before football season number one other than that there's not much we could improve on," Jennings told us.

We are told planning the concert just one week before football season was stressful on staff.

Although everything went smoothly for the most part, university officials do plan to meet and talk about the pros and cons of the event.

In the meantime, they plan to get the stadium ready for football this Saturday.

If another concert is planned, we are told they would have to start soon because most artist book more than a year in advance.

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