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Two state parks closed due to flooding

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A few campers are pushed from George Wyth State Park after the park is flooded.

The Cedar River crested yesterday and it is going down. Unfortunately, earlier in the week, the river water did invade some local camping areas.

Two campgrounds are flooded, all thanks to the rising of the Cedar River, forcing some campers out of their campsites.

"They knew the flood was coming so they chased us all out, about Thursday afternoon," said Bill Randall, Cedar Falls.

Bill and his wife Judy were staying at Black Hawk Park and told to evacuate due to flooding risks. Many campers like them also evacuated from George Wyth.

"We had campers where Friday night was fine and then Saturday morning when they woke up, the water was right outside their door," said Lori Eberhard, George Wyth park manager.

The Randall's say their whole campsite would have been underwater and they remind other campers to listen to park rangers.

"If the park rangers tell you the flood is coming and you should move, move! That water is really dangerous," said Randall.

The park manager of George Wyth reminds people, turn around don't drown applies to trails as well.

"Trails are still going to be under water for a little while, don't go through the water, because you don't know if the trail is still there," said Eberhard. "It could have washed out, there could be a huge log under there, or a rock could have got moved, so if there's standing water, don't go through it because you don't know what's underneath there or if there's nothing underneath there."

Campers like the Randall's agree, people have to be aware of standing water

"You can't see what lies under it, that's the problem, it looks really calm on top and it lies," said Randall.

The park manager at George Wyth says the camping area should dry out before the busy Labor Day weekend.

If all goes to plan, park rangers expect to reopen George Wyth tomorrow.

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