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Elkader cleans up after flooding

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Historic flooding has gained momentum downstream in parts of North Eastern Iowa this weekend.

The flooding is almost gone in Elkader, which means it's time for the community to start the clean up process.

Sandbags are being removed after flood waters threatened the town of Elkader.

"They helped, but the water never got up that far," said Paul Olson, owner of Olson Appliance and Services. "You can see right here, the water, it got up here, but not as far as they said it was gonna be."

The flood waters were knocking on the back doors of many local businesses on Main Street. Olson's Appliance and Services housed many appliances for sale, but the business owner removed it all when he heard about the potential flooding.

"There's a rock out in the middle of the bridge, that's the center of the bridge, there's a thin rock across it and when it gets up that far, the water starts running into my basement, but when the river starts going down I get more water in because of the pressure," said Olson.

Olson says luckily his basement only got two foot of water in it, like many businesses on the street.

"Just the businesses basements got flooded this time," said Olson.

Even after the Turkey River crested Friday afternoon it continued to intimidate the small town.

"It was splashing up here all the time, it was just splashing and the water was moving fast, it was just roaring down through here and lot of trees were still coming down last night after it crested," said Olson.

Many people agree the town was prepared for what the potential flood would bring.

"Everybody pitched in and did what they had to do and that was great, that's what we love about this little town," said Charlene Pregler, Elkader.

Business owners and people who live in Elkader are all very happy the flooding left little damage and say the town should be back to normal by Monday.

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