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Elgin cleaning up after flood

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Parts of Elgin are still underwater and townspeople say they can not start cleaning up until the water goes down.

The Gilbertson Campground is completely covered.

"I remember the flood in 2008 and so I kind of based it off of that," said Sarah Rose, Elgin. "Obviously it's still a surprise every time see it because you don't know what it's gonna do and then when you hear some of the river levels, it's scary."

The high water level is obvious in Elgin,

A woman who lives in the small town describes what she has seen over the past couple of days.

"It was just up over the lip of the roof of this pavilion last night when I left here around 7:30 p.m. and obviously according to that, it's at least a foot off of where it was, I would guess, the last time I saw it last night," said Rose.

The town's mayor is hopeful there is minimum damage underneath the massive amounts of water, but he says they have to wait until the water goes down.

"Well, naturally we want to get rid of the sandbags and then we will begin the clean up process where it's needed," said Bill Pfister, Elgin Mayor. "Hopefully it's complete within a week or two, but that's gonna depend on the amount of help we get from the community, like we had filling them, you know it's gonna involve a lot of work to remove them as well."

The mayor says many community members came together to help prepare Elgin for the flood earlier this week.

Though much of the town is covered by water, no homes or businesses were damaged in the flood.

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