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Community coming together during flooding

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Residents in the Decorah area tell KWWL, Wednesday's storms caused the most flooding they have seen since the 2008 floods.

Just a few miles from Decorah the residents of Freeport are still struggling with heavy flooding.

"The water was almost into the main house. You can see on the garage where the water was. I have lawn mowers underwater. I have freezers underwater. I probably had close to 30 chickens drowned," said Rob Sweet, a Freeport resident.

More than 12 hours later, entire basements are underwater in the neighborhood.  "As you can see, this area is just a new pond; new Freeport pond now. This water isn't going to leave by itself. It is going to sit here until we have something bigger to pump it," said Sweet.

Down the road in Decorah, they have the industrial pumps Freeport needs.  KWWL is told 9 pumps were used throughout the town to pump water back into the river. 

Luther College's sports fields now fit for only one sport, swimming.  With practices canceled, many of the teams pitched in to help the community clean up.

"I think it is really important just to show that as a community, we are together as one. The student-athletes at Luther come out here and help; show we aren't a separate entity from the rest of Decorah," said Ben Willett, a member of the Luther College Men's Soccer team.

 "Since the community always comes to support us at our games. I think it's important for us to come out and help them, as a show of appreciation," said another Men's Soccer player, Josh Donkor.

 The football team spent the day bagging sandbags to protect homes near the floodline.

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