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Ending the summer with a buzz

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One local boy's curiosity buzzing on the final days of summer vacation.  9-year-old Tyler got quite the surprise while visiting his great-grandmother's home.

Busy bees made quick work of Tyler's great-grandmother's garden.  "They made that big thing in five minutes," said Tyler Baetty, pointing at a large hive of bees.

Tyler and his great-grandmother spent the morning tending to the garden, not a bee in sight.  "We were just out giving all the plants Miracle-Gro and then we went in for lunch. Later on we saw a big swarm of bees all around here and then a little while later they had a big nest built," said Tyler.

The family calling the massive swarm un-"bee"-lievable.  "Not like that, no! A lot of moles, rabbits, and squirrels, but no bees like that," said Jean Clos, Tyler's great-grandmother.

 The bee hive piquing Tyler's curiosity.   But despite Tyler's attempt to get the bees buzzing, they were "bee-having"; focused on the task at hand.

 "Probably just making a whole bunch of honey, building their comb, or they are trying to build around the queen bee," said Tyler.

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