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Holmes murder trial nears verdict

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A man on trial for murder for the second time will soon learn his fate. The attorney for 25-year-old Perquondis Holmes presented his closing arguments, trying to prove to the jury the innocence of a man who had already been convicted of murder.

Holmes was previously found guilty last year, but he was given a new trial after pictures shown during the original trial showed gang affiliation. 

The victim Dae'Quan Campbell was shot to death behind a Waterloo apartment building in November 2013. 

During closing arguments, it was a packed courtroom. Family and friends of both Dae'Quan Campbell and Perquondis Holmes sitting in on the closing arguments as Holmes' attorney tries to prove the innocence of a man who has already been convicted of murder. 

"Are you firmly convinced beyond any single solitary reasonable doubt that Perquondis was the shooter?" Holmes' attorney Robert Montgomery asked the jury. "Or might it just be that it was someone else?"

Montgomery saying Holmes is not the one who murdered Dae'Quan Campbell that night in November 2013. Instead, he pointed to two witnesses the night of the shooting who claimed it was Holmes who murdered Dae'Quan. 

The two witnesses, David Sailor and Tamaris Gary, were sitting in that white Toyota Camry with Dae'Quan Campbell when he was murdered.

Montgomery brought up a slew of felonies both men have convicted in an attempt to disprove their credibility. 

"2016-felony third degree burglary, 2016-carrying weapons, 2013-felony possession of marijuana," said Montgomery. 

Holmes' attorney also going back to the Waterloo police's original investigation in 2013, pointing to a lack of complete and thorough investigation.

"Are those Perqunodis' fingerprints?" asked Montgomery. "No. Did they care? No. How do we know? Because they didn't even test them or compare them until more than two and a half years after shots rang out. More than two and half years after charges of murder were sworn out against Perqunodis."

Holmes' attorney also reminding the jury about the crude comments from a Waterloo police officer responding to the scene of the shooting, who remarked, "Is anyone ever truly a victim?"

Montgomery closed his argument calling this trial Perquondis' "journey for justice."

The jury is set to start deliberating tomorrow. 

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