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Waterloo door-to-door campaign encourages kids to come to school

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A Waterloo school is so serious about good attendance, it's taking an unusual step to remind parents what can happen if their child doesn't show up.

Irving Elementary had too many students missing school too often.

Zach Zimmerman and Adriane Carlson are doing a door- to -door campaign.

Not for politics, or for sales. It's to get kids to school, beginning next week. 
Carlson says, "The only way that they can achieve is if they are here. If a child misses one day of school, it takes about three days to make it up. "

That affects the entire classroom. 

"It's hard if you have multiple students missing multiple days in a week, in a month, because you constantly have to re-teach," Zimmerman says. 

That's another reason why it's so important to get into a good habit right off the bat -- on day one.

But it's not just about being there. Zimmerman and Carlson are making sure kids stay from bell to bell. 

"That they're in their seats by 8:50 in the morning, and that they're not picking them up early, but they're in seats until 3:35 in the afternoon," Zimmerman says.

The door-to-door campaign is just one of several things Irving has been doing to improve attendance, and it's working.

Last year, students, collectively, spent 1,285 more days in the classroom than they did the year before.

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