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Defense begins in Holmes murder trial

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The attorneys for 25-year-old Perquondis Holmes, who is accused of murder, began presenting their case in court. As the murder trial continues, a series of 911 calls from the night of the shooting were played for the jury. 

25-year-old Perquondis Holmes was found guilty more than a year ago. 

The victim Dae'Quan Campbell was shot to death behind a Waterloo apartment building. Holmes was given a new trial after the jury saw pictures of Holmes being linked to a gang.

"He shot," the 911 caller said. "He's shot. They got him. He's shot."

Police say the voice on the other end of this frantic 911 call is Passion Holmes, the sister of Perquondis Holmes who is at the center of this murder trial. 

In court, Waterloo police testified that in a series of 911 calls, the only callers who gave their names and all identifying information were Percy Holmes and Passion Holmes. 

"The only callers to give their first and last name and address and phone number were Percy Holmes and Passion Holmes,is that correct, on the 911 calls?" asked Defense attorney Robert Montgomery.  

"Yes, those two did," said Waterloo Police Officer Brice Lippert.

"And Percy Holmes and Passion Holmes are the father and sister of the accused, Perquondis, is that correct?" asked Montgomery.

"Correct," said Lippert. 

In the 911 call, you hear the woman, who police say is Holme's sister, directing police to where she believes the shooter is headed. 

"He ran into the bushes, behind the garage," said Passion Holmes.

"Is it a white man or black man?" asked Police.

"He's a black man," said Passion Holmes. "Everybody says his name is TT."

In the call played for the jury, the initials that are told to police change from "TT" to "TG."

"Tell me the letters again," said police.

In which, Passion Holmes responds. "TT."

In court today, questions were raised as to who exactly Passion Holmes was pointing to as the shooter with those initials.

The defense also looking at key players in the night Dae'quan Campbell was killed. 

"Was Dejoni Norris working with you and cooperating with you as an on the street citizen informant for you as a police officer?" asked Montgomery. 

"Yes," said Waterloo Police Officer Jamie Sullivan. 

Dejoni Norris, friend of Perquondis, was driving the mustang that Campbell's car followed into the apartment complex parking lot the night of the shooting. Norris was also one of the witnesses during the shooting. 

Officer Montgomery testifying that he had been working with Norris as a citizen informant prior to the night of the shooting. 

The trial is set to continue tomorrow. 

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