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Super lice stretches into Iowa

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It's an "itchy problem" parents know all too well.

We've all heard of head lice. Now there's a new form of it that's stronger and harder to get rid of. 

Super lice is a mutated form of lice that's spreading across Iowa and the United States.

A study done by the Journal of Medical Entomology found this super lice is in 42 states. 

It's not necessarily bigger, or that different from normal lice. 

The problem is it's resistant to over-the-counter treatments that are normally used. 

If your kid does get lice, the CDC says that doesn't mean he or she has super lice. 

They recommend going to a pharmacist or a healthcare provide to make sure your child is getting the right treatment. 

There are some prescription drugs that can be used to treat the super lice- which doctors can prescribe. 

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