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UPDATE: One man dead in Wisconsin drowning

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The day after a man drowns in the Wisconsin River -- people are fishing nearby.

The Grant County Sheriffs Office says a man, who hasn't been identified, was at Woodman Boat Landing on Saturday. Witnesses say he was on the sand bar, kneeling in the water when it collapsed and he fell.

People who live in the area tell KWWL News, they know not to get too close to the edge. That's because the sand there is just not dependable.

They say visitors disregard a big yellow sign that reads -- CAUTION. It warns people of the deep drop-offs. Also of the strong currents in the river.

Once the man fell in the water, he was struggling, screaming for help. We're told he didn't know how to swim.

His friend jumped in trying to save him, but they both had a difficult time. Someone in a kayak saw them, but was only able to get the friend aboard.

They saw the man go under the water as he was swept away by the strong current.

About four hours later, his body was found by authorities.

In a separate drowning in Grant County, family and friends of 29-year-old Virginia Aberle are searching for her body. It's been nearly two weeks since she went missing in the Mississippi River.

Authorities say they're waiting to notify family before releasing any names.



One man has drown at the Woodman Boat Landing in Wisconsin.

Police say witnesses saw a man kneeling on the sand bar when it gave way.

The man called out that he could not swim and needed help.

A friend tried to help but also became in distress.

A kayaker saw the situation unfold and was able to help the friend, but unable to help the man.

She said she saw the man go under and get swept away by the current. 

The man's body was found at around 8 pm last night. 

Police are not releasing the name of the man at this time.

KWWL's Shirley Descorbeth contributed to this report.

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