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Barn catches fire after struck by lightning

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A family is in shock after their barn was hit by lightning and caught on fire. It happened Thursday night in Independence.

The family was busy cleaning up today searching through the rubble to see if anything can be salvaged. The homeowner says, they lost more than a barn this week.

"All of a sudden I looked out my picture window and I thought, 'boy it's awful light out there', I could see all the way to the cemetery and it was dark outside, so then I came out to the deck again and it was fully inflamed," said Holly Cameron, homeowner.

The homeowner said she heard a loud noise after it hit.

"It was a big bang, crack, you know like lightning sounds when it hits something," said Cameron.

Moments after the strike, "It was engulfed. There were flames coming out the roof so I called 911 and that's all it wrote," said Cameron.

The remains of the barn still burning, the homeowner says the barn is nearly 100 years old.

"The barn was probably about 100 years old, you know we've all grown up here, we had lots of memories of childhood in this barn and it was the last original building from the farm when my grandfather bought it," said Cameron.

In the fire the homeowner and her family lost their hay, some tools and many memories.

"There goes our last piece of history on the farm," said Cameron.

Cameron says three fire departments responded to the fire. Luckily, no animals or people were hurt.

The family plans to let the barn burn. After it's out, they plan to clean up the mess and rebuild.

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