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Lake Delhi Still Filling Up

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After six years of waiting, Lake Delhi has now been re-opened for about two months, however it could really use some help from mother nature.

"We're just anxious, mother nature has been testing our patience for quite some time here because of everyone else getting the big rains that we would've love to had," said Steve Leonard, president of the Lake Delhi Board of Trustees.

People are enjoying it, but it's not completely filled yet.

Leaders say the big rains continually missed the watershed making it difficult to fill up. They're keeping track, measuring the water level everyday. "We are now at 11 feet in depth, we got 5 feet, 3 inches to go," said Leonard.

The goal is to reach 16 feet, three inches. Recent rains haven't been enough.

"We are probably right now getting about an inch per hour of additional water in the lake," Leonard said.

Although Lake Delhi is still in the process of being filled, it's not stopping people from spending time here. "We've got a number of different people coming out. A lot of kayakers, a lot of canoers still. A lot of flat bottom boats and now we're starting to see a lot of pontoon boats and larger boats. Especially on this side of the lake where it's deeper," Leonard added.

For safe recreational boating, those last remaining five feet of water is needed, especially for the upstream portion of the lake. 

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