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Iowa welcomes 54 new American citizens

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People from all over the world gathering in Eastern Iowa.The goal, to become a United States citizens.

The people becoming United States citizens were all smiles. Feeling pride in the new place they call home

"Deep down you know, it's a big accomplishment with all the rights and freedoms," said Santosh Chaudhary, Nepal. "The ceremony itself, it was so amazing and it just takes away everything."

Many people moving from places like Mexico, China and Bulgaria.

"It was becoming more clear that this is my place," said Nicolas Martin, Argentina.

This is his place and so many others who were naturalized, officially becoming American citizens and gaining all the freedoms that come with that privilege.

"The people, the opportunities, the safety and the freedoms. It's a lot about the opportunities and the attitudes towards the future," said Martin.

Fifty-four people from 28 countries became United States citizens, one new citizens says he felt goosebumps.

"I got goosebumps. Even when I entered here and I was giving away my green card, it means your somebody else now," said Martin.

All of these people have different backgrounds and paths taken, but they share one common goal.

"It's truly the melting pot. Everyone is welcome regardless of culture, dress or whatever. It's truly in the heart, we are all here together, we are all incredibly different and yet we are all the same," said Theresa Sheehn, Canada.

Organizers say there is no specific time line when it comes to the becoming a citizen. They say everyone takes a different path to get here.

Some of the new citizens say the first freedom they are going to take advantage of is voting in the upcoming election.

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