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Coggon Water Plant floods

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Recent storms created an especially messy problem for one town in Linn County as a water treatment plant floods.

City workers fixed the problem.

Nearly four inches of overnight rain was enough to create a nightmare for Coggon

But thanks to quick thinking, city workers were able to tackle the problem before it got out of control.

"If we can keep pumping the way we are, we should be OK. Hopefully, everything will work out good. It should not be that bad," Coggon city council member, Ray Archibald said.

He said crews worked nonstop to pump flooded water from the city's water treatment plant.

"It's a testy feeling at 3:00 in the morning when you know you're getting 2-to-3 inches of rain, there's issues at the plant, and our city workers are worried about it. I know I got up at the 3:00 last night to go out and check the river to see what things were like," Ray said.

Archibald said when nearby waterways swell, like Buffalo Creek, the water plant floods.

"It's continued over the last few years. It's gotten steadily worse. The plant we have behind me is really starting to age. It's outdated now," Ray said..

With a sewer system dating back to 1939, city officials say they're looking forward to breaking ground on their new water treatment facility that'll sit just north of town to accommodate everyone here in Coggon.

"It's a really good feeling knowing this problem will be gone in a year, and it's a lot safer for city workers. Things should be a lot better off. We are really excited. We've done a lot of work to get it going," Ray said.

City officials reminded people to limit water going into the treatment plant, but enough sewer water was removed, and the system seems to be running normal.

Construction on the new plant will start in November.

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