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Roadside CPR saves motorcyclist's life

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A Waterloo man nearly killed in a motorcycle accident, says he's alive today because of a state trooper and an off-duty EMT.

It happened on Highway 20 in Grundy County last Sunday, when Derek Davis was driving his motorcycle, lost control, and went flying off of it.

Derek says, "I took my eyes off the road for a moment and when I looked back up, I was headed towards the shoulder of the road. Between the loose gravel and the rough road, I wasn't able to control it."

His wife was driving behind him, there was nothing she could do but watch.

She says, "It was terrible and I just screamed. When I got to him, he was unresponsive but then people just started stopping to help."

Fortunately, the first car was an off-duty EMT and the second was State Trooper David Wonders.

Julie says, "They performed CPR right away and then Derek just woke up. He was in a tremendous amount of pain and was screaming that he couldn't breathe."

But he was alive.

Derek says, "It was nothing short of a miracle that everyone was there when they were."

Trooper Wonders agrees, calling it fate that he drove up to the accident.

Wonders says, "I had a low tire so I went down to Wellsburg to get it fixed. I got on Highway 20 and decided to go westbound, and I came up to the accident about a minute after it happened."

Derek's injuries are very serious. He's recovering from a collapsed lung, broken rib and broken collarbone, but he's calling himself lucky.

Julie says multiple people going by pulled over, asking how they could help.

She says a woman even drove her car to the hospital so she could be with her husband.

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