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Waterloo man finds artillery shell in garage

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Waterloo police investigating a large artillery shell found in a man's garage this weekend.

A Waterloo homeowner says they were trying to extend his garage wall when a day of work took a unanticipated turn.

A home improvement project is set back five hours after a home owner finds a mysterious item, hidden in his garage wall. The man and his friends were simply extending the back wall of a garage when they spotted something.

At first the three men thought it was a piece of metal or a large bullet. Calling police saying they found a large bullet the size of an arm behind the garage.

But it wasn't a bullet, and it wasn't metal.

"We kept looking and I said oh this is not a piece of metal that's a bomb!" said Peter Bounksong, friend.

It was not a bomb either, it was an artillery shell.

When the men found the shell they took it outside the garage hoping that it wasn't dangerous.

Members of the Waterloo bomb squad were called to the home to investigate.They xrayed and examined the shell according to the homeowner.
His friends say they didn't know it was that dangerous.

"I knew what it is, but I didn't know how dangerous they are," said Bounksong.

The bomb squad says the shell was 76 millimeters in diameter and was not dangerous. Though it was not dangerous,this simple home improvement day, turned scary for these men.

"We were scared you know, we were scared. We are lucky you know," said Bounksong.

The home owner's friend say the artillery shell left a mark on the wood and he thinks it has been sitting in that spot for more than ten years.

The artillery shell was confiscated by the Waterloo bomb squad and it's unknown who put it there.

The homeowner says he bought the property four years ago and the home was built in 1901.

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