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Police investigate attempted abduction in Shell Rock

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Shell Rock Police say it was around 8 p.m. Thursday night when a man tried to take an eight-year-old boy from inside the Shell Rock post office. 

The boy was able to fight off the man and say he is doing okay.  Police say the suspect is still out there, making a lot of parents in the area worried.

One of those parents is Tom Fasse, who is on high alert after a young boy was nearly abducted right across the street from his home. Fasse lives across the street from the Shell Rock post office. 

"It doesn't take but just a couple seconds to pull up, grab you, and throw you in the car," said Fasse. "And you're gone and you'll never seen them again. So it's pretty scary."

Fasse's nine-year-old son Hunter is just one year apart from the eight-year-old who was almost abducted Thursday night.

Police say the boy was in the post office getting mail when he dropped his keys. When they boy got up, the man was standing right in front of him. The man said nothing, only grabbed him by the arm. That's when the boy kicked him and ran away. 

"I let him know fight, kick, bite, punch, whatever you can do get away," said Fasse. 

Fasse, along with other parents, say they can only warn their children so much, knowing the suspect is still out there. 

Police are still working on getting more information. Earlier, the victim was walking police through the events that happened.

Police have been speaking with residents in the area trying to get any more information on the suspect and his vehicle.

They describe the suspect as a white man, six feet tall, wearing all black clothing.

Police believe he was driving a white cargo van, with possible rust on the back door. 

"This kid was only a block away too and going to the post office," said Fasse. "No big deal you know. Everybody does it, but now you're going to have to keep an eye on your kid, just a closer eye I guess."

Police have also been checking business security cameras, but have not found any vehicle that matches the description. 

If you have any information contact the Butler County Sheriff's Office at 319-267-2410. The Butler County Sheriff's office is working with Shell Rock Police on this investigation. 

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