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Iowa woman leaves hospital asking if she has Zika

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An Iowa woman is searching for answers after a vacation to Florida left her feeling sick and worried that she might have contracted Zika. 

Kristin Atkins just came back from what was supposed to be a memorable family vacation in Fort Myers,Florida.    

But for Atkins, all she can remember is the last day. 

"The last day of the trip, my muscles started twitching really bad," said Atkins.  "And I couldn't, I was just shaking."

She says she started feeling fatigue, got a fever and had joint pain on that last day of vacation. When she came home, those symptoms didn't go away.

A couple days after she came home, she went to Covenant Medical Center's emergency room. 

"They had me see a doctor, they did some blood-work," said Atkins. "They did an MRI of my brain, because they said my right eye was just twitching, and some abnormal stuff and they said that usually indicates you've had a severe infection in your body."

Atkins says her concern was being in such close proximity to those confirmed cases of Zika in South Florida.

The State Department  of Health says there are no confirmed cases of Zika in Iowa, and that the virus only poses a threat when Iowans travel to Zika-infected areas.

"I said something to the doctor about Zika and she said were you in a forest area, what part of Florida were you in?" "Zika was never brought back up after she asked if I had been in any wooded area."

KWWL reached out to Covenant Medical Center asking what their protocol is for testing patients for Zika. 

"If a medical professional determines testing is appropriate, specimens (i.e. - blood, urine) can be collected at a local clinic or emergency department," said Covenant Emergency Department Medical Director Todd Lawrence. "Any samples collected must be sent to the state hygienic laboratory for testing."

Atkins said she was never made aware of whether or not the doctor did test her for Zika or not.  

After all the tests were complete, they simply sent her home with the diagnosis of fatigue.

"I would've like to just be tested for Zika," said Atkins. "To see if it is or not. Put my mind at ease." 

The Black Hawk County Health Department announcing tomorrow they will be talking about the Zika virus on a local level.

For months, the department has been monitoring local mosquitos. 

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