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Baby born on side of highway

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A newborn and his parents are doing well tonight, after the baby was delivered in the back of the family's van.

The couple was on their way to the hospital Wednesday from Ackley to Waterloo. They pulled over on highway 20, right by the Dike exit. The mother says her baby boy could not wait any longer.

Baby Asa made a dramatic entrance into the world Wednesday afternoon when he was born in the back of his parents brand new van. His parents say they're thrilled, but never imagined they would deliver their baby themselves in their van.

His mother Carlee Buhman says her baby boy just couldn't wait.

"She's like 'he is coming' and I'm like 'no he's not', she's like 'yes he is coming right now,'" said the father David Buhman.

"I could feel his head," added Carlee Buhman, mother.

"So I pulled off on the side of the road," said David.

And that is where father David delivered his first son.

"I just knew that it had to be done, somebody had to catch him and it was going to happen right then, so I was just trying to you know, catch it," said David. "Obviously they are very slippery so it's hard to hold on to the baby. My biggest concern was dropping him after I caught him, but it all worked out really well."

Just ten minutes from the hospital David asked his wife to hold on a little longer, but she couldn't. Carlee explains that her experience that day in the van was totally different from giving birth to her first child at a hospital. 

Seconds after Carlee delivered Asa, the Hardin County sheriff and a Grundy County deputy arrived. Asa's parents say they opted for Covenant Medical Center because they had a good experience there with their first child.

The couple took baby Asa home from the hospital tonight. They say they plan to have more kids, but hopefully not in the back of the van.

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