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Pastor reacts after shocking hit-and-run plea agreement

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We spoke with Emmalee Jacobs pastor following a plea agreement made Monday. 

Emmalee was killed in a hit-and-run on the Iowa State Campus last winter. 

Benjamin Clague is accused of driving the Cy-Ride bus that hit Emmalee and leaving the scene of the accident. 

In the plea agreement, Clague will face just 30 days in jail and pay a $100 fine. 

It's an agreement shocking many people, who are wondering how Benjamin Clague could face such a small punishment when a life was lost. 

"The flesh of myself kind of takes over and I get a little bit angry at the laws and how they're controlled but it doesn't take long to turn around and for me to determine that I'm not the judge," says Pastor Mike Ellson of Center Point United Methodist Church. 

Ellson tells us he is using his faith to get through after news broke Emmalee's alleged killer would walk free within a months time. 

"I just hope and pray that Emmalee's parents and family will find peace," Ellson told us. 

Investigators say Clague is the driver that hit Emmalee, the 23-year-old never came forward but was arrested and charged more than a month later, the plea agreement freeing him of nearly all of his charges.  

  "We don't have any direction, we feel like we've been cheated, we feel like things haven't come out the way they should come out and yet we have two families that are victimized we have the bus driver, you know he's young, he's 23, he's gonna have to live with this and yet we have a family that's broken, a life has been taken, snatched away from them," Ellson says. 

Clague plead guilty on Monday, the day before his scheduled trial for failing to report the accident.

The plea agreement dropped all other charges including a hit-and-run resulting in death and failing to obey a traffic signal. 

"We have fractures on both sides and we are trying to pick up the pieces and put them together and that's really hard and it will take time," Ellson told us. 

According to the Des Moines Register, this agreement came down because prosecutors needed to prove Clague knew he hit Emmalee right away, but evidence suggest he wasn't aware until about 20 minutes after Emmalee was hit. 

Clague will officially be sentenced on Friday in Story County.

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