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Too many cats at a local animal shelter

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Too many cats, that's what a Cedar Rapids animal shelter is saying. With over 200 cats and kittens at their shelter, it's becoming too much for them to handle.

The Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control Shelter has been receiving more cats and kittens than they can house. As a result, the shelter has to make some hard decisions when it comes our four legged friends.

Kittens and cats at the shelter will jump at any chance to get a permanent home. However, the shelter has so many cats that a forever home may not be an option for some furry friends.

"Right now I've got over 200 cats and kittens in house plus we have more in foster care," said Diane Webber, Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control Shelter program manager, who just adopted an older cat. 

Last week alone the shelter took in 86 cats and kittens with more still coming in. The shelter saying, it's getting out of hand.

"Right now we are asking people to work with us, and if they are considering adopting a pet this would be the time to do it," said Webber. 

"Some of the older cats definitely need a good home, kittens are not the only ones that need a good home, so I would definitely consider anyone who has the abilities to take care of an older cat really should because they seem like the saddest and they've gone through some things," Jey Moriconi, Iowa City.

The shelter keeps older cats as long as they can, but with this many cats and kittens, they are being forced to make hard decisions.

"If they are needing to surrender a cat or to bring cats in here please give us a call first to make sure we have space available because when there isn't space available they are kind of tying our hands," said Webber.

Diane Webber stresses, the only way to help with the abundance of cats and the pet overpopulation problem is to get pets spayed and neutered.

The shelter is hoping that their annual pet fair this weekend will encourage more people to adopt. On a normal day, cats can be adopted for $90. This weekend at the fair, they can be bought for less than $25.

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