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Iowa goats eating away unwanted plants and weeds

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Poison ivy, wild parsnip -- we know these are plants to look out for in the summer.

Black Hawk County has some help getting rid of them.

The county is having goats eat them. Black Hawk County Conservation says goats have amazing digestive systems.

The animals enjoy eating plants that can be harmful to humans.

Black Hawk County Conservation put about a dozen goats in the Cedar Bend Savannah.

They're eating unwanted plants and weeds like poison ivy.

They're also eating the wild parsnip, a plant spreading across Iowa that can cause severe rashes and burns. 

Black Hawk County Conservation protects and watches over the goats.

They even have names like Shadow and Emma.

By eating unwanted plants and weed, the goats are also clearing savannnah so new plants and animals can come to the area. 

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