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Suspicious door to door salesman in Waterloo

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Waterloo police are receiving several reports of suspicious door to door salesmen. Police say there is a group of illegal salesmen around the area selling magazines.

There's a knock at the door, it's a salesman. Standing in the doorway listening to their spiel, something seems off.

"We have had complaints about their methods of how they are selling the items, depending on whether they are rude, pushy, or just generally suspicious in the way they are trying to sell these magazines," said Robert Greenlee, patrol supervisor.

Waterloo police say it's becoming a problem. One woman saying a man came to her house on a bicycle, claiming to sell these magazines.

"It's very scary especially when, like the gentleman that was here last week, was just kind of looking around watching what was going on. Is he scoping out what's in my garage? Is he seeing what's in my house? Is he checking how to get in? And maybe he wasn't, maybe it was totally legitimate," said Sheryl Petersen, Waterloo.

Waterloo police say for these salesman to be legit they need to have a peddlers license and identification card. Police and victims both agree, keeping a screen door in between you and the sales person, or not answering the door at all, is the best bet.

"When in doubt, don't answer the door, if you don't feel comfortable making contact with that person, don't open that window of opportunity," said Greenlee.

"Don't open the door, if you do make sure you have a screen door between you so that they are not in your house," said Petersen.

 If you feel unsafe and see suspicious behavior always report it to police with as much detail as possible. 

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