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Dubuquers say 'thank you' to area law enforcement

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It's a show of support for Dubuque police officers and deputies.

"Well, I wrote a note that says thank you for all that you do, we love you," said 7-year-old Brianna Saeugling. 

People from the Dubuque community are making cards and writing notes to say thank you to area law enforcement. "It has like a green and yellow stripe, and I wrote thank you for protecting us. We appreciate your work," said 10-year-old Merrick Wahlert about his card.

Dubuque County's sheriff Don Vrotsos says this is special. "It makes me feel really great, seeing the kids and the adults and the parents coming making the cards."

This comes after a difficult month. Law enforcement across the nation on edge because of several police shootings. 

"When you think what's been going on over the last couple months and all the officers that are killed for no reason whatsoever, it makes all the law enforcement communities very sad," Vrotsos added.

The organizers of this event hoping this will show others, there's good behind the badge. "I just think we're all human. They just need to realize that they're human behind the badge and they are good people just like us, and they need our support just like we need support," said Melanie Pape.

The thank you cards and letters will be handed out to Dubuque law enforcement and Iowa state troopers next weekend.

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