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Community marches for peace hoping to end violence as more shots fired in Waterloo

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After countless shots fired complaints and homicides reported in the area a mother organizes a peace walk to stop violence.

Her step-son Dae'Quan Campbell, was shot and killed three years ago in Waterloo, and would be 21-years-old today. His mother says the violence needs to stop.

She organized a peace walk today hoping people in the Waterloo community will open their eyes. She says innocent people are being shot and killed and it needs to stop. 

Multiple shots fired in one Waterloo neighborhood.

"There's been a lot of homicides and shootings, too many and it makes me feel uneasy," said Russell Hansen, walker from Waterloo. "I don't like that all of this is going on, I don't care what part of town it's happening in, it shouldn't be happening."

Mother, ReQuia Campbell agrees. Her step-son was shot and killed three years ago.

"There's places that you can go and talk to people, and not have to be out here upset at someone and getting guns and shooting each other and not having a reason why," said ReQuia Campbell, peace march organizer. "There is no reason you should shoot someone."

Gun shots, killing Otavious Brown. Weeks later, more shots fired, a few houses down. A mother says, the communication in our community is to blame.

"It still all boils down to our community and the people that we have in our community and the communication," said Campbell. "We need to talk to each other, we need to bring our kids around show our kids there are better things out here to be doing instead of running around shooting people."

Holding this peace walk to hopefully end violence in Waterloo. Children caring signs reading, "Am I safe?" and "All lives matter".

Walkers saying the violence in our community affects everyone.

"It's not just one race that this affects, this affects everybody," said Hansen.

ReQuia says after hearing about the shots last night this is proof a death will not stop the violence. She says she will continue to walk for peace in our community.

People at the walk say they hope Waterloo will be safe again. If you have any information about these crimes, please call police.

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