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Donald Trump supporters gathering early for rally in Cedar Rapids

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Early arrivals, from many different states are represented in the line to see Donald Trump speak tonight.

"This is like my fifteenth rally so each time it's kind of, you have to get here early to get good seats," says Travis Klinefelter, a Dubuque resident.

Trump supporters waiting for several hours, Donald Trump is expected to speak after 8 p.m.

"Some of us have got to know each other through different rallies and we call ourselves the front row Joes," says Randal Thom, a Minnesota resident.

A variety of ages are represented as well as a variety of reasons for their support.

"I just like the message make America safe again, that's my thing, because I don't feel safe walking around the streets anymore," says Patrick Schilly, a Kansas resident.

"I really truly believe he's with us veterans and he always makes sure and puts us first," says Thom.

"Someone here who believes in God who believes in America because this country was built on Christianity," says Cheryl Harris, an Illinois resident,

"As an army veteran I gave my life for this country and for someone to come and say this country should let just anybody come through our borders no, we would be the walking dead," Harris added.

"Anybody who doesn't love America which is our current president and Hillary Clinton, I will not switch the devil for the witch," she says.

While not everyone here is supporting Donald Trump, those who are seem confident in their reasons why.

The protestors we have seen have been very peaceful, quietly showing their disapproval.

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