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Police officer stays to finish mowing the lawn after a medical call

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It's what you do when you don't think people are watching that really counts.

A Vinton Police Officer caught on camera mowing the lawn in uniform and no, it wasn't his own yard.

After responding to a call of an older man passing out from heat exhaustion while mowing the lawn, Vinton Police Captain Eric Dickinson stayed behind to finish the job.

It was a normal Monday in Vinton when 84-year-old Bill Cummings decided to mow his lawn.

He never could have guessed how the day would end.

"I appreciate you very much," said Cummings shaking Captain Dickinson's hand.

"No, he went out of his way to help," said Cummings.

Captain Dickinson, worried Bill would try and finish the yard, picked up where Bill left off.

 "There really wasn't much to it. It was just the right thing to do at the time," said Captain Eric Dickinson.

 Dickinson was not expecting for it to be caught on camera and slightly embarrassed by the attention.

 "I've been taking a lot of good-natured grief from people asking how much I charge to mow the lawn," said Dickinson.

 But despite the jokes, Dickinson says it's all in a day's work.

 "What they saw depicted in that photograph is, my guess, happening hundreds of times a day across the United States by law enforcement all over the place. The incidents that are getting a lot of attention, right now, account for a very small percentage of the overall police citizen contacts every year. This is what is going on on a daily basis in your community," said Dickinson.

 Bill is feeling much better now. He says his son will be mowing his lawn from now on.    

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