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UPDATE: More tests on strange substance found in neighborhood

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More tests are being done, but so far, the city of Marion isn't sure what people found on their cars, outdoor furniture and near the pool.

Firefighters thought the strange substance found this week could've been a herbicide sprayed by accident by a crop duster in the neighborhood.

However, the city says no one was spraying that kind of chemical in the area.

Fields were being sprayed with a fungicide, which is another chemical.

Samples were taken from the neighborhood and then sent to a lab at the University of Iowa.

The city says, at this point, there's no evidence the residue is harmful.

People are being told to use soap and water to clean it off.


A Marion neighborhood woke up to a white substance all over their cars and outdoor belongings this morning.

It happened in northeast Marion in the neighborhoods surrounding the Marion Municipal Swimming Pool.

Firefighters say initial test showed the substance is believed to be a broadleaf herbicide or a weed control solution.

Secondary samples have been taken to work to confirm the substance.

The substance was most likely dropped by accident from a crop duster.

Firefighters say it can be cleaned off with soap and water.

It was a morning of cleaning instead of swimming lessons at the Marion pool.

"We're just using a soapy water and we're just making sure we rinse it down really well," says Karlene Hummel, Marion Recreation Aquatics Coordinator.

Hummel says it didn't impact the pool water, but they cleaned everything else out of precaution.

"From the top of the fences all the way down, pool deck, benches, garbage cans, everything," she told us.

The substance was found all over surrounding neighborhoods.

"My neighbor came over, knocked on the door and told me that he had a spray residue all over this car and he wanted to know if we had anything," says Dennis Maddy, a Marion resident.

Maddy found it on his picnic table and chair.

"We found out that it was all over everything in the neighborhood," he told us.

Although firefighters say there shouldn't be a real hazard, the area is taking some precautions.

"We've been told that any vegetables from our gardens, we should make sure we wash them very well," Maddy says.

Unexpected precautions and unexpected clean up caused by an unexpected crop dusting spray.

"I would think possibly when he got to the field he was supposed to spray he had nothing left to spray," Maddy added.

Initial calls on the situation came in on Tuesday night.

The investigation is being handled by the Pesticide Bureau at the Iowa Department of Agriculture, we are continuing to communicate with them for more information and secondary sample results.

It is unknown at this time what plane may have dropped the substance.

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