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Deadly crash at Floyd intersection prompts petition for change

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People in Floyd County are voicing their deep concerns about an intersection they call dangerous and now deadly.     

The intersection is at Highway 218 and 18 in Floyd County.

Just last week, a  23-year-old was riding his motorcycle when he was hit and killed by a semi truck at that very intersection

This intersection is not on the DOT's list of most dangerous intersections in Iowa.

But Floyd County resident Justin Carr, who witnessed this accident, and many others who've driven through it are saying it is dangerous.  

"There was stuff everywhere," said Carr. "It just looked like a war scene, just debris everywhere."

A scene that Justin Carr says will be hard to erase. Especially when the skid marks from the semi truck, in its struggle to brake, are still there. 

Carr and his wife were right behind the semi driver, when the motorcycle driver was crossing Highway 18 from Quarry road and onto Highway 218 going north. 

The motorcyclists pulled out from the stop sign in front of the semi truck.

"Anything could happen," said Carr. "65 miles through here, and some people go a lot faster than that, and your reaction time, some people just can't stop."

The semi truck driver attempted to break but couldn't stop in time, striking the motorcyclist.  

"What I do remember is the semi-driver asking constantly how is the other one, how is the other one."

The motorcycle driver did not survive, making it the first deadly accident at this intersection. 

The Floyd County Sheriffs Office says since June 1, 2011, there have been 35 different car accidents at this intersection.

"In this case, when you're crossing four lanes of traffic, plus two turning lanes, and then another turning lane into Floyd, it's just way too many directions," said Carr. 

Too many directions, and one death too many, which is why he signed the petition asking for something to be done here.

Carr says the way the state looks at changing intersections relies on the number of fatalities at each intersection. 

"It's really sad to see fatalities as just another number on a spreadsheet when they're actual human lives that are cut short," said Carr. "I wish there was something they can go by other than fatalities."

Carr along with other members of the community and city officials are coming together for a town meeting tonight to ask if they can make this intersection any safer.

The Floyd County Sheriff's Office says one proposed solution is an overpass. 

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