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Neighbors upset about proposed outdoor shooting range

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An outdoor plot of land might be the home of Dubuque's new shooting range.

It would be used by law enforcement only, allowing for Dubuque deputies and police to train with guns.

It's in rural Dubuque County, near Graf. But some homeowners in the area don't like the idea of it. "Oh, I'm against it, just because of all the noise that we're gonna be hearing," said Bill Schmitt of Durango.

But that's only the beginning. Last year, some of them filed a judicial review regarding the range.

However, a judge came back approving the zoning.

Neighbors who live nearby have a variety of concerns about the gun range being built -- from concerns about scaring their livestock, to concerns about safety. "We're just afraid of bullets maybe coming off the the range...because they said it could happen, an occasional stray bullet flying off. This is all things we gotta put up with and we're against that," Schmitt said.

But they're not against police getting the training they need. "I realize they have to train, they have to be well trained," added Schmitt.

Neighbors say though, maybe there's another way to go about it. "If they wanted to build an enclosure of some kind, that they'll be in shooting in...we could probably put up with that. Especially if it would cut out some of the noise," said Schmitt.

Another concern homeowners have is that a shooting range would lower the value of their property.

Those who filed the review say they're considering their options about how to move forward, including filing an appeal. 

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