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Police release video of gun pulled on Iowa football player

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For the first time we are seeing bodycam video from the Iowa City Police Department showing an encounter they had with an Iowa Hawkeye Football player mistaken for a bank robbery suspect.

Faith Ekakitie was playing Pokémon Go on his phone just blocks away from a bank robbery and matched the description of the robber police were looking for.

Police say guns were pulled after Ekakitie didn't respond to commands.

According to a Facebook post by Ekakitie, he did not respond because he was wearing headphones.

Police say the encounter was handled appropriately.

Not a single shot was fired at the football player mistaken for a robber.

"I think it's critical we get the information out so people can actually see the events as they actually occurred in real time," says Sgt. Scott Gaarde with the Iowa City Police Department.

To see the video released by the Iowa City Police Department go to:

Police say they have seen Ekakitie's Facebook post shared more than 6 thousand times, thanking the Iowa City Police Department for their professionalism in the situation.

At the time of the incident police were searching for a person who had just robbed the First American Bank at gunpoint, described to them as a black man in all black clothing with something on his head, a description Ekakitie happened to match.

Police have yet to find the suspect and since the incident there have been armed robberies at a Culver's and a Pancheros within the week and police say all three robberies could be related

"Based on the methods of the robberies as well as the close proximities," Gaarde told us.

Gaarde says many people have been pointing fingers one way or another in the situation with Ekakitie, and seem to be forgetting the alleged robber is still on the loose.

Although the descriptions of the robber in each robbery this past week are similar, they are also vague.

In every situation police are looking for a black man in all black clothing.

There is a CrimeStoppers reward offered for any information that leads to an arrest in all three cases.

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