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Operation Public Relations building positive relationships

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Operation Public Relations in Waterloo is hoping to ease tension and build a positive relationship between law enforcement and the people of Waterloo.

Waterloo people gathered at the park with one common goal, to show their support for our emergency teams and make connections.

Celebrating the life of everyone in our community and supporting our police officers. Events like this showing police officers and fire fighters, the community stands with them.

"To me and I think for every officer, this event is a positive way of interacting with not only the citizens, but them to get to interact with us. You know lately we've been taking a beating and we're hurting and it's never fun to use force, it's never fun to enforce the law, but it's a necessary evil and for the public to recognize that and actually come out and say that at an event like this, it means the world," said Steve Crozier, Waterloo Police Officer.

It means the world to Waterloo, hoping events like this can bring everyone together and break the divide.

"It's the person themselves it's not the color of their skin," said Lorraine Gissler-Thompson, Waterloo.

Hoping events like this will spark a change.

"I hope it grows and I hope we make some differences, at least people know we made efforts you know, and hopefully we do some good maybe we can set an example and change the trend," said Kris Jones, event organizer.

Organizers say they are hopeful events like this will spark change and help with the communication barrier. A peace march was set to start the event this morning, but it was canceled because of the weather.

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