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The Salvation Army helps out during the heat

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This rising heat can cause some serious health problems. Members of the Salvation Army rode around Waterloo today, giving out water to try and keep people from getting sick.

It has been a hot couple of days. The Salvation Army is doing their part to keep the people of Waterloo cool.

Whether you drink it or play in it, water is a necessity in this heat.

"A lot of us forget we need to drink water and stay hydrated when temperatures rise like this," said Judy Gilstrap, a Salvation Army employee.

Rising to over 90 degrees the Waterloo Salvation Army calls the heat a disaster.

"The heat advisory can be considered a disaster because more people die in the heat than floods or other storms, this is our emergency way of helping," said Gilstrap.

The Salvation Army is handing out water to people all over Waterloo, helping them stay hydrated, and Families are grateful.

"We have support out in the community, that's trying to keep everybody cool going around to all the little places delivering water which is a good thing because people need to stay hydrated," said Annette Miller, Waterloo.

"Get dehydrated real fast, you could get heat stroke too if it went far enough, so you gotta keep hydrating yourself so you don't run out of hydration," said Craig Cook, Waterloo.

Members of the Salvation Army were giving water to anyone outside.

"We have been targeting older woman and children but anyone on the street, we've stopped for construction workers, some people just walking down the street, any body that needs a cold drink," said Gilstrap.

The Salvation Army says they handed out sixty-six water bottles from the truck and ten gallons at other sites.

The Salvation Army will continue to provide water tomorrow.

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