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Terex shuts down Waverly plant: 175 jobs lost

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UPDATE:  A private security firm can be seen standing outside the Terex plant in Waverly this morning.

The Waverly Police Department tells KWWL the company hired the firm out of Florida to be safe.

About 100 workers lost their jobs yesterday after the company said it was shutting down the plant. Another 75 jobs will be phased out.

The company is moving production of cranes and boom trucks to Oklahoma.


A long time business in the area announced an immediate shut down, Tuesday.

For 75 years, Terex Cranes has been one of Waverly's largest employers. The Connecticut based company notifying employees of the shut down Tuesday afternoon.

Shocked and frustrated, several of the employees of Terex told KWWL they expected layoffs, but a full plant shut down was a surprise.

Moments after being told they were out of a job, effective immediately, the Terex production workers made a mass exodus out of the plant.

The workers were handed yellow packets with 60 days pay.

"It was always a good place to work, good place to work, but s*** happens, you know. They are out to make money and I guess they are doing what they need to do," said Dale Shonka, a now former employee.

 "It was short and sweet. They didn't give us a reason about anything, but they are just moving the place to Oklahoma," said Mark Gregerson, a now former employee. "We kind of thought something was going on because things were breaking down, they weren't fixing anything. So we kind of had an idea of what could happen, but I guess people were looking for a lay off or a shut down of some sort not a company closure. It has been here for 75 years. It kind of came as a shock. It is going to screw up a lot of peoples lives," continued Gregerson.

100 union workers out of a job just like that.

But it's not just Terex employees feeling the effects.

GMT, a local company that does a lot of fabrication work for Terex, having to lay off more than 30 employees for a couple of months until the Terex production is moved down to Oklahoma and GMT can continue their partnership with the company.

The affects of the Terex shut down causing a domino effect through the area that has some small businesses concerned.

"I think it is a sad day for our community. We've got Nestle in town for who knows how much longer, but I think it is going to be hard on the community as a while to lose Terex," said Ike Lahue, a bartender at the Pour House.

With much of Waverly's workforce commuting in from the surrounding areas, this plant shut down effects families through out the area.

A 100 union workers losing their jobs immediately. Another 75 non-union workers will be phased out in the coming weeks.

Terex also has a global services center in Waverly. That department will remain in here. It employees about a 100 employees.

Waverly City Administrator James Bronner told KWWL the city heard rumors about a possible lay off or shut down, but was not officially notified until after the employees were fired Tuesday afternoon.

The local plant manager told Bronner there was nothing the city could have done to keep Terex Crane in Waverly.


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