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Storm clean up continues in Eastern Iowa

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Residents in Raymar are still cleaning up storm damage nearly two days after hard hitting storms.

Neighbors in Raymar clearing up debris and tree branches all over their yards. 

Linda Wilson has been helping her neighbors for the last two days. She says the storms noise is something she is reminded of every time she clears another neighbors yard. 

"Here comes the wind, and the hail, crack, crack, crack, there went the trees," said Wilson.

Everything imaginable was picked up in the storms track.

One neighbor even saying his neighbors trampoline flew over his shed and crashed into his backyard.

People in Raymar working through a puzzle of debris today.

Wilson says the cleaning has been an endless task. 

Her neighbor, Ladonna Neuenkirk, is still in shock from the damage the storm did to her home.

Neuenkirk woke up to glass all over her floor from broken windows.

"We made makeshift windows for her to keep the next set of rain out," said Wilson.

But broke windows were just the beginning. A branch punctured right through her roof, right beside a bed.

Neuenkirk says a relative had been sleeping on that bed just a few days before.

"I was in shock and I was scared and I couldn't find all my cats, and you know it was just total panic," said Neuenkirk. "The wind was still blowing, and it was just getting wet everywhere. 

Even as the rain poured down today, neighbors kept on treading.

Residents in Raymar say there's still a lot to clean up, but they're staying positive. 

"We'll make it," said Neuenkirk. Nobody got hurt, and we are so lucky."

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