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WWII plane flies into Dubuque

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It's a part of history.

She's known as FIFI.

"The B-29 Superfortress was instrumental in ending the war and bringing it to an end without the need to invade Japan. So, it has a great place in WWII history," said B-29 pilot, Allen Benzing.

The WWII era bomber flies around the country making tour stops.

Right now it's at the Dubuque Regional Airport allowing past crew members and airplane enthusiasts to reconnect with the past, like Robert Bennett of Platteville. "I'm here today, of course, because I just love airplanes," he said.

Bennett who is 86-years-old, can't forget the days of the war. 

Touring the B-29 is a way for him and others to honor the military men and women of that time.

It's a big aircraft -- 99 ft. long with a 141 ft. wing span. Back in the day, it took a crew of six in the cockpit to fly it.

But Bennett reminds us this is so much more than just a plane. 

"Think about the men and women who climbed into these planes. Not with the idea of just looking one over, to see what it looked like, knowing that they were gonna have to stay in that plane, carry out the mission, whatever the mission was and then by God's grace be able to come back to live another day," he said.

The B-29 Superfortress will be at the Dubuque Regional Airport until Wednesday..

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