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Wisconsin off-duty deputy attacked at bar

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An off-duty deputy was attacked by a man who claimed he did it because he hates cops, the Grant County Wisconsin Sheriff said.

24-year-old Dakota Dempsey approached Deputy Adam Day at a bar in Fennimore multiple times, each time asking who he was and if he was a police officer, authorities say.

According to the sheriff, he last time Dempsey approached, he attacked Day, hitting him multiple times in the head before he was subdued by a number of people at the bar.

Dempsey faces battery to law enforcement and criminal damage to property charges.

Dempsey told officers after he was arrested that he did it because he hates cops.  Sheriff Nate Dreckman says he apparently was still upset about a citation he received a few years ago for egging cars.  It's unclear if Day had any involvement in that case.

Dreckman says the two men knew of each other, but didn't know each other well.

"Everything is pointing towards the wrong place at the wrong time for that deputy. That gentleman decided for whatever reason decided that day that he hated cops, and assaulted the deputy because of it," Dreckman said.

Dreckman says this attack is especially unsettling in light of the tension surrounding police all over the country.

"It's hard, it's hard, because you think here in Southwest Wisconsin we're insulated from some of the stuff that goes on, but it shows you it can happen anywhere," he said.

Dreckman says this incident has made him nervous, but he'll be taking action this week to help keep his officers safe.

"We are meeting this week. I'm meeting with the police chiefs in the county to talk about what's going on to make sure we're prepared for anything and everything. And then I'm meeting with all of our deputies as well, to go over and talk about safety, ways to be more safe and so on and so forth. And we're going to order some equipment to help keep them safe as well. Just whatever we can do to make sure they're safe out there and can make it back to their families," he said.

He says they'll be buying ballistic helmets for his deputies. Those helmets helped save the life of an officer involved in the shootout in Orlando.

As for Day, Dreckman says he sustained a number of bruises and a black eye, but was back at work Monday, and taking it as best as he could.

Dreckman also posted on Facebook about the incident.  Here's his full post:

A Message from Sheriff Nate Dreckman

July 17, 2016, current law enforcement deaths- 63, deaths by gunfire up 75% from previous year!

This morning I hear of 3 more officers killed in Baton Rouge and several others injured (bringing the death toll to 66 LEO's killed in the line of duty). I hear of a Milwaukee Police Officer ambushed and shot multiple times, luckily he will survive and will recover. The hardest part of the past 24 hours for us here is to have one of our own attacked for no reason, other than he is a law enforcement officer. Yes, a Grant County Deputy who was off-duty was attacked simply because he was an officer and the suspect was upset about something that happened years ago. The deputy will be fine and suffered several bumps on the head, but thankfully there were several citizens who stepped in to help control the situation. A very difficult part of this is that the deputy’s wife had to witness this attack on her husband.

We’ve been wearing our mourning black bands over our badges since the incident in Dallas and were coming to the point where it was time to remove them, but in light of recent events overnight, it leaves us no choice but to continue wearing them to mourn those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Louisiana.

When does this end? I could tell you about how dedicated law enforcement officers are, but you all know this. But to be targeted just because you are a police officer, have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the state you are employed in and the United States Constitution, is uncalled for! At some point the silent majority has to step up and denounce what is happening, we can’t do it on our own. We have always known there is an element of danger in becoming a law enforcement officer, but being ambushed was something that was a rarity. It no longer is.

Law enforcement in Southwest Wisconsin has a group of dedicated men & women, who love their communities, work hard every day to protect and serve. Although we’ve always trained to watch our backs when out on patrol, it has become heightened to the point that our officers and deputies are becoming hyper-vigilant. I tell you this because you might come across an officer or deputy and maybe they are a little stand offish or don’t engage in conversation, just understand the stress they are under right now, more than ever and give them a break.

I will be meeting with all the deputies this week, as well as the Police Chiefs in Grant County to talk about the recent events and make sure we are properly prepared to keep ourselves and the communities we serve safe. We need to make sure we are there to support each other during these challenging times.

Although the threat remains very high for law enforcement, we will continue to go out and do our jobs. We will do them well, with the integrity and professionalism we have always striven to achieve.
So if you see one of your local law enforcement officers, take the time to just let them know you appreciate what they do, because each time they walk out of the front door of their homes, tell their families good bye, they don’t know if it is the last time. We also ask that if you come across any information that would constitute a threat to an officer or deputy in Southwest Wisconsin, please report it to your local law enforcement.

Lastly, our thoughts and prayers are with those officer’s families in Louisiana. We pray for a quick recovery of the Milwaukee Officer shot last night and for the Grant County Deputy who was attacked.

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