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Trail attack victim speaks out

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Police continue to investigate multiple reports of attacks on the trails, one of those attacks leaving a woman with a broken foot.

The 57-year-old woman being carried out by emergency crews off a trail near Sergeant Road.

She was running down this trail when three young boys attacked her.

Avid runner, Carol Baker, in a pink cast after being attacked. She remembers exactly what happened.

"I just started my run and I was about a mile in to it and I was running down the Sergeant Road trail and three black kids on bicycles came, they were riding towards me and I didn't think anything of it, I was assuming they were gonna ride by, and at the last minute one of them took a forearm and slugged me across the jaw and down I went," said Carol Baker, Waterloo.

Even after being slugged, she recalls the details of the attack.

"He stayed on his bike, as he road by he just slugged me," said Baker.

After she was hit she says, "I laid there for a little while and no body was around so I started walking and well tried to walk, luckily two bike riders came by and stopped and called 911 and so the paramedics and police department were out pretty quickly and they carried me out of the trail," said Baker.

Carol has ran that trail for more than thirty years, wondering why this happened to her.

"You know I am not sure, I don't know if it's part of this stupid Facebook knockout game," said Baker.

It's a game where kids target pedestrians and punch them, hoping to knock them out.

"They just hit people random, a go on," said Baker.

Despite how cruel this game is Carol hopes people continue to run and use the trails.

Waterloo police confirm they have heard of the game knockout and it could be a cause of some of the recent attacks, including Carol's.

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