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Runners cautious after recent trail attacks

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Several runners, bikers and walkers are being more cautious after the recent trail attacks. Iowa has several miles of bikeable and walkable trails, but recent attacks are making some people more cautious.

KWWL caught up with runners inside George Wyth State Park who say the recent attacks are making them feel unsafe.

"It's your only time alone and so that's what's so sad about it is to take that one private thing you know that is an escape for people away from them and and that's just what's really sad about it," said Karen Wieting, Iowa City.

Alone time, something people on the trails like to have.

"Jogging, running, biking, out walking and you know I think sometimes the trails offer some level of serenity so people like to walk independently and not always have to be in groups, I mean not that that's not a good thing too, but again like events that happened last week can remove the opportunity to have that sort of that independent opportunity to be out on the trails, i think that people pretty much immediately go to that 'oh I can't be on the trail unless I am with a group', and even then I think people question whether they should and it's just disheartening and sad," said Dianne Schultz, Cedar Falls.

Not only are women at the park concerned for themselves, they are also concerned for family members and their children.

"We need to be able to feel safe in the activities within our community as well I am a mother and I have children, adult children, so they are out independently on the trails as well and very much feel concern over their safety and well being," said Schultz.

The women reminding others to be safe, but to not let these attacks stop you.

"People wanna be active, you don't want to let things stop you, but also you don't want to be stupid about it so you have to have that balance," said Wieting.

Women and men at the state park agree that being aware of your surroundings is the key to stay safe on trails. Experts say the best way to avoid such attacks is to run in groups.


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