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Dubuque firearms instructor talks "one in a billion" shot

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A Colorado deputy took a shot many consider to be one in a billion after taking fire in January.

The deputy was shot at by two suspects in a parking lot. He returned fire, and one of his bullets traveled down the barrel of one of the suspect's gun.

"It's just about impossible to do," said Ron Stephenson, a firearms instructor and former police officer.

He says everything would have to be just right for something like that to happen.

"Both guns would have to be perfectly level, both horizontally and vertically, because once anything tilts one way or the other, the bullet will not go in the muzzle of the gun," he said.

Stephenson has been shooting for 40 years, but says he doesn't think he could ever make that shot.

Especially under duress, like the deputy was.

"How he did it, I don't know. And especially being under duress, being shot, it was just one lucky shot."

The deputy was shot a number of times in the shootout with two suspects.

He was cleared this week, but remains away from duty due to his injuries, according to KUSA, the NBC affiliate in Denver.

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