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Man defends message written on his garage for police

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An area man's son expressing his frustration with police by spray painting a vulgar message on his garage door, his father says, he supports the message.

"This is a result of them guys coming here constantly and doing stuff to us," said Kim Tielebein, home owner.

This is not the first time the Buchanan's County Sheriffs Office has heard this man's name.

Police have been called to the Hazleton home over seventy times in the past ten years.

"Yeah we've had lots of complaints and every time we seem to call them, I mean I've lived here all my life so it's no secret that they don't like me, so whenever we have a complaint the county attorney down there, they never wanna do nothing, they never wanna do nothing," said Tielebein.

The Buchanan County Sheriff disagrees.

"I can back everything that we are doing here you can say what you want but you know I can back it and the court system the records on record will back what we are saying here and if you talk to neighbors around where he lives they'll say we come out we try to deal with them," said Sheriff Bill Wolfgram.

Kim Tielebein spent a year in prison and was just released.

"When he was in jail it was very quiet in that part of town since he is back again we're getting more calls again," said Wolfgram.

As far as the sign is concerned, police can't do anything about it.

"It's on private property, if it was on public property things like that, there's really it's freedom of speech, I mean that's why we live in the United States, do we like to see something like that, no?" said Wolfgram.

The home owner claims neighbors also agree with the statement on his garage. But the sheriff says neighbors are afraid of Tielebein and his family and it's unlikely they actually agree.

The Buchanan sheriff says that message is stressful for deputies after the recent protests and attacks the officers.

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