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Sheriff's perspective on the 'Guardians of Public Safety'

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In wake of the Dallas Police murders, Black Hawk County Sheriff, Tony Thompson, offers his perspective on the role of law enforcement officers in our free society. Tony Thompson, in his own words.

“God forbid there be a day where I can't get a Deputy Sheriff to take the test or I can't put an officer on the street because they've all double clutched and re-evaluated their career choice, because it's just not worth it anymore.

We have the ability to treat people justly and fairly and honestly. But, still do so, in such a way that furthers public safety. Law enforcement isn't out here to work against you.

We're guardians of your freedom. That if we do something wrong, to be held accountable for it.

And, in this profession, that's just pa rt of that job. And it's probably more scrutinized than most any other job you do. Law enforcement, as a profession, is getting a bad name, and we're out here trying to do it right. Trying to be those guardians of freedom and those guardians of public safety and personal safety and community service and all of the things we get involved in.

It's disheartening. It's frustrating and it's one of those things that I hope the public takes away an understanding that we're here to help. Every single one of those folks are involved in law enforcement because they want to help people. Because they recognize the importance of what we do. The importance of the role that we perform to keep our society moving in the direction our citizens want to move.

Our citizens want us to move. Most of the public knows the importance of what we do everyday and I think most of the public supports us.

At the end of the day, we're not here trying to work against our citizens. We're here, trying to empower them.

Trying to encourage them to live their lives as freely and as unencumbered as possible. So long as the way they live their life doesn't encumber others. And, sometimes, that's when our actions come into play.”

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