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Soccer coach remembers JC Meardon

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A 16-year-old has died from his injuries after being hit by a van on Monday night.

JC Meardon and a couple of friends were on Dane Road playing a game when JC was struck nearly head on by a van according to police.

"If he was not able to feel the support and love and respect and closeness that the community, the kids, the parents, many people showed him I hope he can feel it up there wherever he is it's a very short life, 16-years-old, 16, it's a very short life," says Jose Michel Fajardo, head soccer coach at Iowa City High.

Fajardo tells us JC had many friends and was a soccer junky.

"He would do anything to be a part of anything that we do with soccer."

We are told JC was surrounded by an outpouring of support in his final hours.

"We were there the whole day with him by his bedside, we were very lucky, very fortunate that we had hundreds and hundreds of kids coming in, all his teammates were there," Fajardo says.

It's a show of just how much JC was loved and will be missed.

"So many times we don't give credit to younger kids for not being responsible, the way they acted in the hospital I mean it's just out of this world," Fajardo told us.

The community is now leaning on one another and remembering the life lost so young.

"A big loss, big loss," Fajardo told us.

There will be a candlelight vigil tonight at 9 on the City High soccer field to honor JC.

If it rains, the vigil will be in the cafeteria.

Police tell us the driver of the van that hit JC was cited for failure to have a valid drivers license.

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